online counselling

People choose online counselling for a variety of reasons:

  • You can access counselling within the comfort and privacy of your own home
  • Limitations with travelling, e.g. no public transport, you don’t drive, or distance is too far
  • High need for confidentiality
  • Time commitments. You don’t have to travel therefore saving time
  • You don’t have anyone to mind your child/children
  • You have anxiety about leaving your house or being out in public
  • It’s less confronting than meeting someone face to face
  • You are travelling and don’t want to miss out on your scheduled sessions
  • Cost is the same as a face to face session (no extra cost)


Skype is secure and easy to access

Setting up a Skype Counselling session is easy. All you need is:

A computer, tablet or smartphone with a camera and microphone

Access to the internet

A free Skype account

Alternatively, you can also use Facetime.